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At LUXE we bake the perfect bite, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary. We take the nostalgic dessert, add top-shelf spirits and produce our very own coveted spirited sweets. 
LUXE believes that the flavors that make spirits unique, paired with rich ingredients, create intoxicating combinations. 
Give your next celebration that lasting impression by giving guests something to talk about. 
So go ahead, indulge and EAT RESPONSIBLY. 

Hi, we're LUXE

fine desserts based in southwestern montana

My love of chocolate chip cookie dough, coffee, red wine, collecting books, jazz music & puppies! When I'm not being a boss baking, you can catch me binging on TV, wearing a face mask, maybe reading a book, definitely drinking wine & spending time with family & friends!

what I'm known for:

Most days you can find me sporting my favorite kicks, bouncing around the bakery, covered in sugar, taste testing everything! 

If you would have told me 4 years ago, when I sat on the kitchen floor, crying over a failed cupcake recipe that I would be the proud momma to a flourishing dessert business, have an incredible team, a mile long list of beautiful clients & some of the world's coolest colleagues, I would of laughed out loud.  

Hey y'all! 

I'm Lauryn, a transplant to Montana from central Texas.

In 2014, I turned a love for a good glass of wine & desserts & created Spirited Sweets, cocktail inspired treats! 

MEET LAURYN | Boss & Baker

we love being a part of all your celebrations. we are not just cake & desserts, it is important that we connect with you, especially when you take that first bite of dessert. 

let's kick back, enjoy desserts & toast to you!

We treat you like family.

what makes us different

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We believe in heirlooms.

what makes us different

Let's connect, we are dying to meet you!! Shoot us an email & let us know how we can create a lasting impression! 

If you're still reading this, you might be our kind of people...

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"I couldn't have been more happy with the cupcakes that Lauryn made for our wedding. When I was first brainstorming what type of desserts I wanted to have, I knew I wanted to go the cupcake route, but I wanted something with a little twist...a little out of the box...and that was when I found Luxe! Lauryn has such fun/creative flavors, and not only were they a conversation piece at the wedding, but there literally wasn't one left at the end of the night!"

" I knew I wanted to go the cupcake route, but I wanted something with a little twist..."

Ciera & Tyson

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"We are just blown away by your artistry & attention to detail."

Heather & John

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It has been an absolute pleasure serving the Gallatin Valley for the last 6 years. LUXE has officially closed our catering business as we are moving onto new ventures in the Flathead Valley, MT beginning summer 2021. 
Stay in touch via Facebook + Instagram to find out whats next for us! 
Lauryn + the LUXE team 



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